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Wednesday, 29 July 2015 14:34



Laproscopic, Expandable Retractor - Laproscopic Surgery Made Easier


  • The first 3D tissue retractor
  • Atraumatic, large volume tissue retraction
  • Maximized visualization while reducing tissue trauma
  • Reduced OR time for enhanced cost savings

 The A-Lapsystem utilizes a unique, hand-like retractor designed to support the internal organs surrounding the operative site. The result? An effective, efficient laparoscopic retracting system that provides maximum exposure, reduced tissue trauma and reduced OR time for enhanced patient outcomes and cost savings. 


The EZaxess™ flexible port (included in set) is placed and used to facilitate introduction of curved laproscopic instruments with minimal harm to the fascia.


The A-Lap™ device is inserted through the port in a contracted form. NoteL A-Lap™ may be inserted direction through a skin incision and is compatible with newer flexible Single Port Access ports.


The A-Lap™ expands and allow for easy manipulation and retractions of soft tissue. Expansion may be controlled by the surgeon utilizing a graspers-like locking mechanism opening to 26 different positions. Maximum volume: 12cm x 12cm.


The A-Lap™ retracts tissue for maximum exposure of the operative site.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 19:58

Laprosponge 10 System

The Laprosponge PVA Surgical Sponge

The Laprosponge is a deployable PVA sponge with recovery system for laparoscopic surgery.  These are some of the in-use benefits of the Laprosponge and PVA technology:

  • Laprosponge can be applied to the desired surgical site and left for the duration of the procedure without additional attention until its recovery – allowing the surgeon to focus on the procedure at hand.
  • The PVA material has a very high absorption rate to help maintain a clean operative field by controlling blood oozing and persistent bleeding.
  • Thanks to the PVA’s hydrophilic capacity, excess fluid will be extracted from the blood solution resulting in a higher remaining concentration of coagulation factors helping support hemostasis. 
  • The smooth contact surface layer of PVA foam together with its affinity to fibrin will support fibrinogen polymerization and sealing of the bleeding and support clean removal of the device at the end of the procedure.


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